It reads well, looks good, using templates – Does it cover your business?

Business Terms & Conditions Template Tips

It reads well, looks good, using templates – Does it cover your business?

Templates provide a way for business to gain quick coverage for a given area. You may choose one over other because of their look and feel. They are a good start if you plan to use them but remember that one size does not fit all if there are gaps.

  1. Website terms of use

You may rely on template for your website terms of use whilst there is nothing wrong with a template please ensure it really does NOT have gaps. Recently we noticed a template used by a business, where there was no valid jurisdiction clause what happens if some takes your business to court outside the U.K. under another country’s law.

Some website terms of use do not go into details about conditions of use covering material which shall not published. Also think about your brand, technology and other items which you want covered.  It should also be made clear here which policies are being referenced.

  1. Business terms and conditions

How many of you operate your business on just basic website terms of use? There several businesses that do NOT have detailed business terms in place. You wouldn’t expect a builder to build property without correct tools. Think of your business terms as a set of tools which enable you to engage with other businesses on the same level playing field for example payment terms.

It’s not common for some a group of friends to get together and start working together without any agreements in place. This can go two ways it either works well or few of them split then start up on their own becoming a direct competitor to you. In majority of cases the later occurs. Without paper work in place you’re likely to be up the creek without a paddle.

We were involved in a recent business agreement review from the start it was important to understand what this business wanted to protect and how important was its customer base. There was an element of subletting involved would the current tenant be able to do this. They had not considered what would happen on exit.

In another situation a bid submission was submitted to a competitor. Here we informed that confidentiality provisions or a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) would have assisted to remind them of what was breached.  Whether NDA’s or custom business requirements we keep your needs in mind to reflect these in a business agreement.

  1. Policy templates

There are several tool kits which can be purchased. Firstly, remember these are templates which come as standalone. Secondly, there is an element of customization to do here. Like any item which fits like a glove a policy must also be a good fit for across all your business.

  1. Customer testimonials

Here is some of our customer testimonials:

“We didn’t even think of things we wanted covered in agreement and when we exited”

 “We thought our template covered us didn’t know there were gaps”

“Certainty Solution provided us a clear guide and custom business agreements”

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