IS027001 and ISMS compliance

Helping a company to manage compliance, risk and governance.



Risk Management


Security for ISO27001

Terms & Conditions

Conform your business to ISO27001 standard.

Contract management and contract renewal in London

Maintain quality and reduce external spend with your business contracts.

Data protection and GDPR consultancy

Adapt your business to good practice, reduces the risk with data protection.

Looking to close the gap on governance and compliance with ISO27001, GDPR or contract management?

Whilst the regulations, standards and the way a company contracts has evolved with complexities let us simplify it by ensuring that any of the requirements can be met or alternatives are considered. We provide ISO27001, contract management or GDPR regulation consultancy governance and compliance expertise which is accessible to companies and is more cost effective than leading competition.

We have experienced industry professionals that have helped companies whilst promoting good practice on ISMS, managing contract and data protection. If your company is needs external assistance any of the below, then get in touch.

Implement ISMS and ISO27001 certification

Reduce non-conformities for ISO27001 audit

Develop or review ISMS policies and records

Meet ISMS objectives

Pre and post contract life cycle

Contracts renewals and change control

Supplier strategy and savings

Purpose, role and categories of personal data clear

GDPR regulation requirements in agreements

Capture non-EEA suppliers

Contract Management Service – Consultancy

Contract manager assist with contract management

Pre contract any discussion put in place with a non-disclosure agreement to protect all. The contract manager is to capture core terms or requirements in contract pre-signature. 

With post contract support deal with any change controls or amendments. To aid with any clarity around service credits. 

Manage contracts with contract management

This need not be an expensive external cost or complex. Managing contracts by maintaining quality with the correct set of documents.

From updating the key stakeholders to gaining approvals of contractual risk to prioritizing and closing deals.

Contract renewals

Knowing when to renew contracts will either kick start the contract renewals reminders or the process. Give you time to plan for renewals.

Contracts being renewed are included as part of a renewal strategy or exit with a letter terminating contract as part of contract management.

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Data Protection Service – Consultancy 

Software companies with outsourcing and GDPR

With using business processing outsourcing key back off activities outside of the EU they will need to show mechanism to meet GDPR compliance.

These subcontractors may be predefined in contract and where a replacement needed, they are likely to require same security measures in place.

GDPR compliance with the regulation

Identify the GDPR regualtion gaps and adopt good practice with a data processing agreement or in contract, EU model clauses and inline with the GDPR regulation.

Look to reduce data protection risk, get DPO or key stakeholder approval, suppliers to comply or GDPR training.

Data protection breach or GDPR data breach

The key is prevention of data loss from authorized access to avoid a GDPR data breach. By keeping personal data safe and secure reducing the risk of a breach.

It is important to report a data protection breach within the required timeframes of GDPR regulation whilst managing the incident.

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ISO27001 Service – Consultancy

ISO27001 documentation 

As there is a lot of documentation in ISO27001 it can be confusing as to what is required under the standard. There is to consider document ownership along with version control and having central access.

The review of documents is another activity that happens with having annual management or independent reviews.

ISO27001 implementation

There are several areas to consider by planning to implement an ISMS. Once ISO27001 is implemented a separate third party will review this.

There are several policies and records to get up to speed with an ISMS.  Ensure you have ISO27001 training and support for implementation.

ISO27001 internal audit

They may be number of internal audits a year on ISO27001 as per the audit plan. To review the ISMS and its controls which may have not been addressed.

Reduce the number of ISO 27001 non-conformities which may arise from the ISMS audit. These are the improvements a company can make.

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What is the Process?

All starts with understanding what you want to achieve

Capture your requirements in a proposal

Provide the pricing and when accepted start the work

Deliver the final solution

Kash The Company Owner

About Us

Based out of London, we are here to pave the path for your company as a trusted aide, so you confidently know where you are and we’ll take care of matters.

We have nearly 20 years’ experience working  companies with £10M+ turnover and various businesses. We specialize in pre or post B2B contracts set up and negotiations. With our background in I.T. and LAW along with certification in ISO27001 – information management system and GDPR we can cover a number of areas. We have successfully rolled out GDPR and matured ISO27001 for companies.

We understand the challenges that companies face with complexities around regulations or standards by serving your company we allow you to do what you best which is run your business.

What Certainty Solution do, is to support company:

  • To meet governance and compliance  by navigating with regulation or standards.
  • Leading on behalf business contracts, contract negotiations and audits.
  • Access to a subject matter expert on GDPR, ISO27001 and contracts.
  • Manage risk and bring about improvements.

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