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Are you fed up of wondering?

Do we have a contract for this?

What did we sign up to?

Are my contracts watertight?

Are all the necessary procedures in place?

Do we have any provisions that protect a certain part of our business?

Can I get help with ISO 27001 audit?

Is my company safe from legal backlash?

How do I reduce number of non-compliances for ISO27001?

Am I confident that I am compliant with the law?

Are we up to date with Data Privacy (e.g. GDPR, e-privacy)?

If you have answered NO to any of these – keep reading, we can help you.


It all starts with a non-disclosure agreement (NDA)

It all starts with can you provide pricing? For some businesses they provide an indicative price whilst others may be providing commercial pricing on the back of a proposal without any protection. The first thing to do here where commercial or financial information is included is to put in place a non-disclosure agreement. It is a simple step to protecting your confidential information or any pricing provided. We can help to put an NDA in place even if you are doing a trial project.

Business terms or help with negotiations

You may have some business terms, limited business terms or even a template which you have used to govern your business. It’s important for any business that the business terms need to be customized, clear and cover what is important to your business. Sometimes templates are downloaded from the Internet and relied on as your business terms these may not fully cover you. We can produce new terms from scratch or improve existing terms. We also provide help with negotiations where required. We like to work in a practical and pragmatic way to reach a conclusion.

Amendments or renewals

At the end of your existing agreements are you looking to renew with your customer. Sometimes this is easier said than done as there may number of significant changes compared to the original scope. This is where a detailed and structured amendment can be put in place to capture your commercial offering and complete your renewal. Often locating the old contract and understanding what has happened few years down line with the supporting paper work is a good place to start a renewal and see how the new contract looks like.

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Data Privacy

GDPR Training

Introducing data privacy changes into your organization is key to your staff so they are aware and take responsibility for Personal Data. This is likely to be managed as an objective for the business that everyone including associates and contractors all sign up to and take privacy seriously. The training is continuous and may cover any topics with in the business along with updates.

GDPR changes the way you operate your business

It’ll probably change the way you work. We’ll help you by starting to map out Personal Data usage, storage and data processing requirements for Data Controllers and Data Processors, policies, procedures along with contractual data protection terms tailored for your business by understanding your how you operate. Not only do we review the contract side of things, but we consider the potential insurance coverage that you have in place for data privacy and confidentiality. Perhaps you need to have access to a data privacy expert, require a Data Protection Officer or need some support and guidance in this area.

GDPR supplier management

Your business will have a number of third party suppliers supporting you on a daily basis which you depend on with clear provisions in contract and data processing agreements. The key here is to ensure that the processing purpose, retention periods and responsibilities are clearly defined between you and the suppliers. Along with this any assistance required during a data breach. The third party should also be audited once annually along with checks on their policy and procedures. We also spend time on looking at making sure that right to erasure is dealt with including back up’s. Where you may be sending Personal Data outside the EEA to suppliers or affiliates do you have the appropriate model agreements in place and business binding rules?

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Information system and certification

Implementing an information system is not easy as it sounds whether you are starting out or if you have just obtained the initial certification. There are number of processes and policies which are required to meet the provisions of the standard. Along with this the buy in from management. Re-certification can only be progressed if the last remaining open items of the initial certification period has been concluded and re-certification nomination has been made by the regulatory body. We can work the regulatory body to get you through this.

ISO27001 audits

There are number of ISO27001 audit activities that a business goes through and as a subject matter expert we can help to ensure that we face the auditor, from the start to closure, so you can carry on with your daily tasks. On top of this we will try to work with the auditor to resolve any open items or questions which may arise. As well as this we are happy to assist with facilitating any ongoing penetration testing requirements by capturing these in contract to be ready by the schedule audit plan dates.


Any non-conformities made during an ISO27001 audit lead to a number of improvements required by the business. We can help with any specific project work streams which may flow from this. The aim is to complete as many tasks so that all open items are resolved by getting the right parts of business engaged. This will show that you take information security seriously and are committed to making a mature system.

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What is the Process?

All starts with a conference call to capture requirements

Provide a quote which is the confirmed by you

We start to capture requirements and work on a solution

Deliver the final solution

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About Us

Based out of London, we are here to pave the path for your business as a trusted aide, so you confidently know where you are and we’ll take care of matters personally.

We have nearly 20 years’ experience working with large corporates to SME’s with £10M+ turnover. We specialize in pre or post B2B contracts set up and negotiations. With our background in I.T. and LAW along with certification in ISO27001 – information management system and GDPR we can cover a number of areas. We have successfully rolled out GDPR and matured ISO27001 for a SME.

We understand the challenges that businesses face with complexities around regulations or standards by serving your business we allow you to do what you best which is run your business.

What Certainty Solutions do, is to support businesses:

  • To grow your business by navigating with regulation, standards and compliance.
  • Leading on behalf business contracts, contract negotiations and audits.
  • Access to a subject matter expert on GDPR, ISO27001 and contracts.
  • Manage risk and bring about improvements.

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