ISO27001 Compliance – Consultancy

1. What is ISMS ISO27001 compliance?

ISO27001 standards is about managing the information security management system (ISMS) across the whole business. By implementing security controls along with appropriate policies and processes thereby helping your business to reduce the information security risk or threat  and meet the ISMS ISO27001 compliance.
ISO means the international standard organisation.  The ISO brand helps to build trust and confidence. The ISMS assists to preserve confidentiality integrity and availability to information which is key to your business.

2. Why should your business consider ISO27001?

Without demonstrating appropriate information security management or security measures which are in place or listed below it is going to be much more difficult for your business to build trust with your customer base.

2.1 Prepare to deal with risks and business continuity.

It helps your business to address any gaps with ISMS ISO27001 Compliancewhere steps can be taken proactively identify the risk to prepare to deal with these including implementing a business continuity plan.

2.1.1 New business.

Where you are is trying to win new business in majority of the sales verticals it is mandatory to show a ISO27001 certification as it will be requested as part of the pre-sales process along with a completed security questionnaires.

2.1.2 Take information security seriously.

Furthermore, if your business can demonstrate to a new customer that it has a ISO27001 certificate, it shows that your business takes information security seriously.

2.1.3 Awareness and protection.

By being better aligned across the business and everyone being aware through the ISMS training this will ensure common practices are being followed. Further, with ISMS incident management additional steps can be taken to ensure that the same things do not happen again.

Talk to us if you require further information or need help with your ISMS.

3. What is the ISO27001 certification?

ISO27001 certificate is given by a certification body and regularly audited to continuously improve the information security management systems. Where your business applies the ISO27001 standard, it may be recommended for certification. The various parts of the standard which must be met otherwise it will impact the certification.  Before your current certificate comes to an end re-certification plan should be pre-scheduled in advance.

4. Our ISO27001 consultancy 

The services below are either dealing with the business ISMS implementation, extending a scope or on-going continuous improvement to an existing ISMS.

4.1 Implementing ISMS ISO27001 cosultancy  

This consultancy service is for those businesses wishing to implement or obtain a ISO27001 certification. We will consider some of the ISMS following components:

Determine the scope within your business with objectives and sites.

Policies, records and plan: 
 Create, update or annual review of ISMS policy, policies, records and business continuity plan.

Review of ISO27001 controls implementation and management of controls  or ISO27002 practices with business security risk and plan to remedy the risk as per the risk register.

Testing and audits:
Independent ISO 27001 penetration testing and plan ISO 27001 audit.

Provide the business the relevant ISMS training.

4.2 Ongoing ISMS managed service 

This managed  service is for those businesses which need access to an ISO27001 certified subject matter expert giving them someone who solely focuses on closing the open items working with different areas to get them through the current and future audits with any of the above at the same time making the ISMS mature.

Completing and standardise security questionnaire and supplier questionnaires.

Reduce non-conformities:
Progress and complete the improvements needed to the ISMS.

Policies, records and plan:
Annual review of polices records and business continuity plan.

Annual review of ISO27001 controls which contain risk and risk treatment.

Testing and audits:
Facilitate independent recurring testing and chair ISO 27001 audit.

Refresher training on ISMS.

5. Why you should choose our IS027001 service?

Take your ISMS from non-conforming to conforming with the ISO27001 standard. We help your business to implement and manage ISO27001,where the auditors or certification bodies see the transformation.

As the main contact that has managed ISO27001 and kept certification on track having lead deals with a software company.

We have industry experience and have worked with customers to close the  gap with ISO27001 compliance.

We provide certified expert consultant.  Some of our benefits include:

Initial audit and gap analysis

Improvement plan and priority

Regular summary

Approval by leadership


Your business may have support requirement in one or more area why not talk to us and see if can assist with your ISMS or ISO27001 with our consultancy ISO27001 services by emailing  or request a proposal from us.