Affiliate Partner

Become an Affiliate Partner and earn commission. 

How to recommend services to customers and earn commission?


As an affiliate partner, your company can recommend a business customer for any of our services which may be in house where possible or remote to your existing customer base and get rewards with earning commission.


Example of an ideal referral customer?


An active business such as for example an I.T support, I.T. Security, software, digital marketing, training, consultant to consultant etc or perhaps any another business in your network which is looking to use any of our services.



When a referral converts to a paying customer. 


We work with number of different customers in various verticals. From the time you pass the customer lead in the affiliate programme we will engage until completion. Once the customer order is directly placed with us to the receipt of the payment from the customer, we will keep you in the loop. 

Talk to us about the affiliate programme and earn commission.

How does a affiliate partner receive commission? 


Once the customer has paid their invoice amount due to us. We then request you to send an invoice for your commission of 15% per invoice for the net amount.  It’s that simple and does not cost you a thing, contact us now. All we ask is that you are a business and can invoice us.  We do not pay any commission on orders which do not convert or pay.

Let’s hear from our affiliate partners.


“I’m too savvy to use a template that could come back on us if we provided it to the client. Now my team just copy Certainty Solution into a quick email and they sort the rest and send us a fee for the referral. It made it so much simpler.”

Director of DP Marketing Communications Ltd.