DSP Toolkit – Consultancy

What is the DSP toolkit compliance and self assessment?


The DSP toolkit or The Data Security and Protection Toolkit  is the online self assessment tool for data security related to information governance which has mandated such requirements by the department of health. Any organisation that processes personal information of patients or continue to provide social care will be subject to the assessment.  So how is this split across the health and social care organisation? How can the DSP toolkit help with compliance? –  read more in our blog.

What is the process of completing the DSP toolkit?

Against of the control questions against each of the  National Data Guardian’s 10 data security standards area the organisation must see if it meets the control and if the control requires evidence submission including where the evidence is? – like a location, or it may be a document e.g., the information asset register. Further guidance on the Data Security and Protection Toolkit can be found hereThe controls themselves do require the organisation to provide detailed answers as to protecting personal data. Once the answers are submitted your assessment is available along with your submission and also you may get reminded of future submissions.

Talk to us if you require further information or need help with DSP Tookit compliance.


3. Our Data Security and Protection toolkit consultancy 

The services below assist with the implementation of the DSP toolkit or recurring submissions in order to demonstrate data protection and information security compliance.


3.1 Implementing DSP toolkit service


This implementation service is for those organisations planning to submit their responses including internal support with our consultant which may include:

– Go through the categories control and produce status report

– Record of processing and information asset register, risk register, privacy policy, along with other documentation where require suggest any updates.

– Contract provision on data protection and data protection related review including data protection impact assessment and GDPR compliance.

– Prepare training if needed.

– Review of the submission responses with the organisation.

– Remote support.

What is the DSP toolkit compliance and self assessment?

DSP Toolkit compliance and self assessment.

3.2 Annual submission DSP toolkit service

This is an annual managed service is for those organisations planning to submit their ongoing yearly assessment  responses where either a DSP toolkit is already implemented to a certain level or further support is required, including internal support from the organisation  with our consultant which may include:

– Review of previous responses and change in any responses and the previous impact score.

– Risk review previous and current.

– Policy or template documentation where require suggest any updates and GDPR compliance.

– Evidence updates as required.

– Conduct training where required or update suggestions on annual training and awareness.

– Prepare submission responses for the organisation.

– Remote support.

4. Why should you choose our DSP toolkit service?

What do we need to do evidence against  the category in the DSP toolkit?   is often the question which comes up. With self-assessment for the DSP toolkit either your organisation previously made a submission, or they are doing this for the first time.  We guide you through the requirements of a specific category, consider the gaps in the evidence or where its missing assist in clarifying this with the actual responses.

By working together for example, we were able to support the information governance across several GP surgery sites as part of PCN trust to implement evidence and create detailed responses.

We provide an expert consultant.  Some of our benefits include:

Initial audit and gap analysis

Improvement plan and priority

Regular summary

Approval by leadership

Demonstrate compliance

Your business may have support requirement in one or more area why not talk to us and see if our consultant can assist with your DSP Toolkit compliance by emailing info@certaintysolution.com or request a proposal from us.